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The Stevensville Seventh-day Adventist Church exists as part of the world-wide movement of Seventh-day Adventists to share the gospel commission and proclaim the three angels’ messages to all people within our sphere of influence. Because our church is geographically located in close proximity with numerous other Seventh-day Adventist churches, we also see as part of our mission the offering of a unique blend of worship and fellowship that promotes an inviting atmosphere which appeals to many from the communities represented.


Desiring to celebrate the joy of Salvation found only in Jesus Christ, we wish to be an expanding and vibrant fellowship, strong in Christian nurturing, and effective in the use of our abilities toward advancing the cause of Christ. Believing in God’s supremacy and the soon coming of Jesus, we want to promote righteous living through Christian character development to each other and our neighbors.


We propose to dedicate ourselves to this mission and its inherent goals and express confidence in God’s ability to make provision for its accomplishment. We accept this challenge willingly and are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord, while eagerly awaiting His return.

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