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Pictures from the
Father Son Camp Out
Men's Ministries

Men’s ministry is an intentional focus to bring men to God so they, and their families, can grow in maturity and advance towards the kingdom. By highlighting their roles, men’s ministry can touch on and improve the lives of men in ways that no other ministry does.

Mission Projects

The Stevensville Church supports many mission projects in various capacities. From hands-on construction building churches in El Salvador and Montana, to assisting Care For Cuba and supporting an orphanage.

We have many members and local students that serve as missionaries all around the world.

Donations collected and prepped to send to Cuba
Student missionary in Chuuk, Micronesia
Personal Ministries
Bible Study Partnership.png

From Bible studies to relevant seminars to spreading truth throughout the community with Glow Tracks, the Personal Ministries team works with the church and the community to reach individuals.

Prayer Ministries

Consists of a group of church members who have a passion for prayer. There are church-wide group prayer opportunities throughout the year, such as the Fall Week of Prayer, 10 days of prayer in January,  and prayer seminars.

Women's Ministries

Women's Ministry is made up of a team of women who work together prayerfully to create events that encourage, equip, and motivate women in their walk with God through every season of life. 


We offer many opportunities for connection with God and with other women.

Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries provides support and encouragement for young people at what can be a most critical part of their Christian experience.

The Adventurer program is for kids ages 4-9, which includes the Little Lamb and Eager Beaver Programs.

Pathfinders primarily reaches kids ages 10-16, but has an optional Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program for the duration of high school.

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