The Stevensville Challengers Pathfinder Club is a church-centered recreational and spiritual program that is designed for both boys and girls, grades 5 through 10. The program offers action, adventure, challenge, and group activities that produce team spirit and faithfulness to God.

During a typical meeting we experience many aspects of the Pathfinder program. We begin our meeting with a worship thought with our pastor or a church member. Drilling and Marching is divided into a couple of different skill levels, with one being a competition drill team. Investiture Achievement classes meet together to learn a wide range of lessons and skills; a lot of them being hands-on. We then come back together as a club to work on various honors throughout the year.


Some events we participate in include:


Michigan Camporee (Sept)

Club Camp Out (Oct. and/or April)

TLT^2 (Oct)

Pinewood Derby

Teen Snow Outing (Jan)

Pathfinder Bible Experience

Club Lock-In (Feb)

Pathfinder Fair (May)


International Camporee (August 2024)

2024 International Camporee Updates


Dessert Rolls order forms are available!

Find a pathfinder or get an order form from the main entrance at the church to place your order.